Understanding the difference between deep and shallow copying

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

When you create a collection in Dart, the contents of the collection are mutable. You can see that in the following example:

final myList = ['sheep', 'cow'];
myList.add('horse'); // [sheep, cow, horse]
myList.remove('cow'); // [sheep, horse]
myList[0] = 'goat'; // [goat, horse]

The five-step process and how it relates to software engineering

Elon Musk describing his five engineering principles (screenshot from Everyday Astronaut interview)

I recently listened to Elon Musk’s interview from Tim Dodd of the Everyday Astronaut as Elon gave him a guided tour of the SpaceX Starbase site. It was a YouTube video, but I say listened and not watched because I…

Navigating null safety with no implicit casts or implicit dynamic types

Switching to Dart 2.12 with sound null safety was overall pretty painless…except for one thing: All my JSON to object conversions broke, and it was super difficult to figure out how to make the errors go away.

In this…


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