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  • Michael Thomsen

    Michael Thomsen

    Product Manager working on Dart and Flutter. Helping developers is my passion!

  • Greg Perry

    Greg Perry

    Freelance Developer

  • Asaye Dilbo

    Asaye Dilbo

    I am a software developer with civil engineering background. I gained most of my programming skills through self-learning.

  • Alfonso García Santiago

    Alfonso García Santiago

    Flutter & Firebase Developer

  • creativecreatorormaybenot


  • Lasse Reichstein Holst Nielsen

    Lasse Reichstein Holst Nielsen

    Lasse is a programming language designer and software engineer at Google, co-leading the Dart language design and platform library group. @lrhn on Github.

  • Mr. Riahpha

    Mr. Riahpha

    Loves poetry and philosophy. A warrior of faith in a generation that has forsaken FAITH in God. Follow me on Twitter @ Riahpha

  • Dane Mackier

    Dane Mackier

    A full stack software developer focused on building mobile products, its tools and architecture. Always reducing boiler plate code and experimenting.

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