Managing playlists in Flutter with Just Audio

13 min readMay 2, 2021

Loading, looping, seeking, shuffling, and editing

This tutorial will teach you how to play and navigate multiple songs using the Just Audio plugin for Flutter. You’ll learn about loading audio sources, seeking to another song, repeating a song or playlist, randomizing the song order, and editing the contents of the playlist. If you’re new to Just Audio, you should go through the previous tutorials first since this one will assume you’re already familiar with the basics:

  1. Playing short audio clips in Flutter with Just Audio
  2. Streaming audio in Flutter with Just Audio


Rather than walking you through the entire UI and state management setup process again, this time I’ll provide you with a starter project. The starter project begins where the last tutorial left off, that is, with streaming a single audio file from a URL.

Getting the starter project

Download or clone the GitHub repository for the project:

git clone